Berlin                                          July, 19. – 20., 2019
Starnberger See                      October, 18.-20.,  2019

Since 2005 I regularly prove my taught theory in my workshops by live cases. The people introduce themselves after the start again in the following anamnesis for further discussion for my students. This is the only way to prove teaching and healing through homeopathy. I offer my help in my
seminars as a supervisor and share my knowledge and support with my students in this way.

As a student of the AWIHR School of Psychological Homeopathy you have the opportunity to introduce your clients in the workshops. Together we create a therapy plan, define the correct remedy and determine the prognosis for the cure depending on the defined “matrix of disease”. The goal  is liberation from the disease-causing matrix and healing at all levels of being. The spoken language is German, English passages are of course possible.