In my book “Psychological Homeopathy” I could prove that psychological homeopathy is much more than an alternative to allopathy. In addition to my theoretical explanations on disease, health and spiritual development, I describe 24 real healing processes from my practice.

This book provides the interested layman with important explanations and serves both the homeopath and the student as a training and textbook.


The 250 study cards for 50 remedies are the result of my three-year online training. The mastery of the remedy pictures belongs to the basic tool of the prospective homeopaths. The important information of the remedy is easily stored in your long-term memory. After the synchronization between computer and mobile device you learn where you want and when you want.

The 250 digital flashcards include

– repertory exercises (Kent)
– keynotes of the remedies
– the essence of the remedies
– differential diagnosis

The digital flash cards contain the free use of the scientifically proven learning software BRAINYOO for efficient online/offline and mobile learning. Only available in German.