The world’s best teachers of Homeoapthy accompanied me on my path, among them Prof.George Vithoulkas, winner of the 1996 Alternative Nobel Prize, the Swedish teacher and author Frans Vermeulen (types of children in homeopathy), the Greek psychiatrist and master of homeopathy Dr. Vangelis Zafiriou and Vega Rozenberg, master teacher in spirituality and homeopathy.

My great interest in sciences and natural healing methods encouraged me to acquire further, deeper knowledge in natural sciences as well as in spirituality and philosophy. It is my conviction that true healing can only take place with these superior sciences,

Healing in the sense of freedom on all levels of being, with the return to the original state of the matrix of the soul, and finally establishing the connection with the Divine Matrix.

In my Mentoring5D I unite all these areas of science which are important for the positive development of a person. I pay attention to blockades, the professional and private life situation and the previous development on all levels of his being.

In case of disturbances the whole human system is manipulated by a spiritual energy.I call that an “AGENS”. Failure, the feeling of not being able to use one’s own potential, loss of motivation and lack of energy are the first forerunners.


In my book “Psychological Homeopathy” I could prove that Psychological Homeopathy is much more than an alternative to allopathy. In addition to my theoretical explanations on illness, health and spiritual development, I describe 24 real healing processes from my practice. This book provides the interested layman with important explanations and serves both the homeopath and the student as a training and textbook.


As the founder and director of the “AWIHR School of Psychological Homeopathy”, I created an extensive video teaching program in which my knowledge is now available to all interested parties. Through self-study and free time management, my students are guided to knowledge and success.

Since 2005 I prove my theory regularly in my workshops by live treatments. The people introduce themselves after the start again in the following anamnesis for further discussion for my students. This is the only way to prove my teaching and the healing process through homeopathy. I offer my help in my seminars as a supervisor and pass on my knowledge and support to my students in this way.


I am available to my mentees in homeopathic mentoring in the 5th dimension. Working with man in the 5th dimension means that a spiritual remedy can have a positive influence on the body, mind, emotions, spiritual development and time. An impulse from a remedy in the spiritual field, defined by the laws of homeopathy, can make this development possible.

I accompany my mentees to “freedom at all levels and the development of their own potential for the higher purpose of their being”.

That´s my definition of health.