Do you feel a counterforce in your life that doesn´t allow you to get into your game properly?

I call that an “Agens” trying to manipulate your vital force. Your life story, the current life situation and the existing blockages tell me how to recognize and eliminate this “Agens” within your system.

Similarly, this situation can be compared to a game of chess. Less important figures (pawns) or heavyweight figures (rook, queen) have often already fallen.

With my “Mentoring5D” you can come back into the game.




Every person comes into contact with energies in the course of their life that can negatively influence their path through life – patterns of behaviour, beliefs, lack of primordial trust and the loss of former abilities are the result. I´ll help you find your way and follow it.

If we look again at the analogy to chess, the Mentoring5D II is a starting game on a higher level.

Act wisely! Play the “game of your life” at the highest level.


of my mentoring5D is the creation of an open field. There is the possibility of a return to the original state of the matrix of your soul along with spiritual growth. Satisfaction, increased energy potential and joie de vivre can arise during this process. Old scars and wounds can heal.

You use your mind and your emotions freely for the higher purposes of your being. A quantum leap is possible. The paths that have crossed and negatively influenced your life can be deleted. Do not allow others to access your energy any more. In this highest form of development of one´s own potential, the gift of a spiritually working remedy can begin –

a homeopathic mentoring in the 5th dimension.


There is no gene for love or happiness. There is a matrix to which man can be connected, which infinite abundance provides love, happiness and wisdom. It is the divine matrix of the universe. It is full of positive energy, emotions and wisdom.

It is possible to establish this connection through my Mentoring5D.